Rangsons Schuster Technologies offers to its customers a complete solution – Development, Engineering, world-class Manufacturing and Test solutions in the field of Aviation Rigid Tubes and Flexible Hoses for any application from transporting gases, liquids and structural tubing’s for Aero structures.

RST brings extensive knowledge and experience of over four decades with its partnering with key customers worldwide by maintaining quality standards at Lower PPM and higher delivery scores.

RST is committed to the company slogan “Creating arteries aircraft” abides to produce Aerospace Tubes and Hoses like arteries providing life to the various systems and maintain the functioning of the body.

RST is certified per aerospace quality assurance standards as well as the company is currently approved by most of the world’s key customers. Currently, most platforms in aviation companies use products manufactured by RST which includes the most advanced airplanes.  RST serve customers with knowledge and vast experience that exists in the world. RST success stems from the close relationship with selected customers worldwide. RST provides a rare combination of globally approved raw materials and working procedures with skilled personnel  at an attractive price.

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