The key is we understand to have control over varying range of processes, we understand what needs to be kept inhouse. A vast majority of these critical processes need to be kept inhouse to have control over it to provide the required quality of product and customer experiences. While ensuring that it is the financially cost productive and efficient model, if u take too much inhouse, U are no longer competitive, if you take too little inhouse, U are too dependent on everybody else.so we understand the right blend of keeping the critical processes inhouse with network of world class suppliers for certain processes.

The greatest learning for RST comes from our customers, who are world leaders in what they do and hence we make sure that our teams are exposed to our customers and their needs, so that we take lot of learning out of that.

Advanced project management & all of these things in different verticals are seamlessly integrated to deliver customer satisfaction or customer experience through a globally standardized project management system and structure, all program managers get involve with customer from RFQ all the way to product life cycle closure management.

Today RST is proud to share that we have almost all the core critical processes inhouse established and certified.



BENDING – IMG_5759 5767 5883 5871

cold forming
                1/8” – 21/2” (63 m”m)

                  3 x Tube O.D ( 3% Flattening Allowance )

                    2 x Tube O.D ( 5% Flattening Allowance )

Ferrous & Nickel Alloys
        12 x Tube O.D ( 5% Flattening Allowance )

Non Ferrous Alloys:
                2.5  x Tube O.D ( 10% Flattening Allowance )

Bend Radial
                2 x Tube O.D Special Tooling Required For Shorter Lengths)


Flaring –          Upto 2”OD.

Beading-Upto 2”OD.


Water Jet  Cleaning Facility -Up to 5 microns particle size


Pressure Testing:

Medium And Maximum Pressures:

Air/ Nitrogen / Helium – 435 PSI

I Water-14,000 PSI

Radiographic Inspection (Subcontracting) IMG_5858

Maximum Material Thickness

 1” Equivalent SST

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection: NADCAP planned in 2015.

JOINING IMG_5910 5907 5904

DC Orbital Welding: Up to 1/4”

Manual Welding: As per Customer requirement

Induction Brazing (Sub-Contractors)

VFS Model

Work Zone   50”x34”x72”

Max. Temperature 2400 F

Vacuum -1.0×10.4 Torr.

CNC Control

INSPECTION IMG_5797 5802 5845


Romer Arm

Tolerance Tube Envelope +/- .002”

Contact Laser Visions measuring arm

XYZ Measuring instrument

Tolerance Tube Envelope +/- .005”

  End Points       +/- .002”

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