Designing of tube system at customer site

RST is offering customer service of modelling a product at the customer’s site. The company has a team that is equipped with a computerised, portable device. This measuring arm has the capacity to screen a tube or part of an assembly using laser technology or by touching the tube itself.

When this measuring arm is connected to special software from Switzerland, it can immediately produce the measurements of the tube along the co-ordinate axes. This data can be used for making detail drawings.

The software can parallelly write the production program for the CNC machine, in order to produce the tubes required. Such a service reduces the grounding time of an aircraft and time that the client would have otherwise spent in accessing the same details. This service is very handy for writing programs while upgrading an aircraft or designing new systems.

Customers can get an accurate measurement of tubes in-between components. After, collecting these measurements, we can transfer the data into the CNC bending machine. This would be the fastest and shortest way for the customer to get tubes and complete a required assembly.

RST customers who used this service in the past are reporting high level of satisfaction. RST team, using this technology reduced the time required for providing complete solutions at the client’s site significantly. While this phase of developing tubes is usually the last, it is a very critical phase in the development of a new system. The prototype of the tube is made towards the end of installing a system, after all the other components of the system are assembled at the right location. This calls for quick turn over time in simulating or prototyping of the tubes. We at RST believe, that this is the right hour to contact us, and get started on consultation and using our expertise in order to help complete your requirement.

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